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Lime Kiln Series
HLM double beam active lime kiln
HLM double-beam active lime kiln has the advantages of low heat consumption, high lime activity, strong fuel adaptability, simple structure and low cost.
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Double-chamber parallel flow regenerative lime kiln
Double-chamber kiln is also called double-chamber parallel flow heat storage lime kiln. The Xinhua double-chamber kiln has the unique functions of ultra-low energy consumption and homogeneous calcined lime. In order to achieve the above functions, the kiln has a special shape and a unique production process.
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Annular sleeve active lime kiln
Annular sleeve kiln has the characteristics of low heat consumption, high lime activity, simple structure, and strong fuel adaptability. Compared with traditional lime kilns, lime is calcined in the annular space and the air flow is more evenly distributed. There is no cooling equipment in the kiln. Low failure rate and easy maintenance. It is suitable for the use of coke oven gas in the iron and steel industry, and the use of calcium carbide furnace tail gas in the chemical industry to produce high-quality lime. The automatic control is completed to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of lime and saving energy, thereby calcining high-quality active lime.
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