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1、Company Philosophy: honesty, efficiency, quality, innovation

Honesty:treating people with a sincere and frank way, and doing things with a good reputation. We can do nothing without honesty. Honesty is the virtue of life, which is one of the basic qualities required for Xinhua. Honesty is our most basic condition to get trust and respect from others, which is the principle of Xinhua. (Behavior Standards)

Efficient:with an efficient way, we shall be careful with the order of our superiors and the work of ourselves. We shall do our best in the shortest possible time. Efficient is our standard of work. (Work standards)

Quality:we shall refine the product quality. If we decide to do something, we shall do our best. High-quality products are not only the embodiment of the organizational image, but also the embodiment of good quality of our staff. (Product standards)

Innovation: we shall pay more attention to our enterprise and our work. As long as we can find and then resolve the existing problems constantly from the process of work and management, we would progress with our enterprise together. Innovation is the only way for the growth and progress for the enterprise and staff. (Progressive methods)


2、Management Principle: strict discipline, scientific system, disciplined operation, prudent adjustment, and humanistic management

Strict discipline: In accordance with the regulations of enterprise, we shall strict abide by the regulations and business processes, and standardize the implementation of labor discipline and production safety rules. Strict discipline is the important manifestation of the centripetal force, combat effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprise.

Scientific system: According to distinctive characteristics of enterprises and current situation of development of enterprise, we shall adopt suitable enterprise system suitable for the growth of enterprise, which is the guarantee for the healthy development of enterprise. Everything proceeds from distinctive characteristics and current status of enterprise, which is appropriate and scientific.

Disciplined operation: we shall fully implement orders from higher levels and the rules of processes, and complete our work according to the rules without self-assertive changes of the work. Although the disciplined operation is hard to do, it is the important condition to maintain the correct orientation of the development of enterprise.

Prudent adjustment: The adjustment of the systems and procedures should be considered prudently. Prudent adjustment is an expression of the seriousness and credibility of enterprise system, and also an important condition for the implementation of the system.

Humanistic management:"people oriented, talent focused” is the concept of employment in Xinhua. We are responsible to our employees, the men and women who work with us. We shall find the strengths and weaknesses of our staff, and continuously improve the quality and capacity of staff through training. Everyone must be considered as an individual. According to the distinctive characteristics of staff, we shall arrange them to complete suitable tasks, and maximize the capability of staff. We must be mindful of ways to help our staff fulfill their family responsibilities, so that employees, which is our responsibility. "Let staff feel the warmth of the family” is the objective of human resources management in Xinhua.


3、Employee Goal: the healthiest, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most diligent, and the kindest

The healthiest: we believe that health is one of the most important things. As long as we have good health, we can do work better than that without good health. We shall responsible to the physical and mental health of our staff, with continuous improvement of the working conditions and environment. (New construction and transformation of old factories, the staff physical examination)

The most beautiful: we shall focus on appearance of staff, and enhance spiritual outlook of staff morale and corporate image. (Uniform dress, the purchase of work uniform)

The most intelligent: we shall focus on learning, and continuously upgrade the quality and capacity of staff through training, in order to build a learning enterprise.

The most diligent: We would profit from our diligent working. We shall be full of enthusiasm about our work. Uncomplaining and diligent working is the mainstream of the Xinhua, and the outstanding quality of the staff.

The kindest: we shall focus on character, as the old saying "set up a good character at first, and than do your work". Xinhua focus on ethics and moral quality of staff, which is the most important standard to select talent in Xinhua. Setting up a good character at first, and than we would have good products, at the last we could have a good business.

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