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    Product Details: Two-girder-type active lime kilns are fit for many kinds of fuel, waste less energy and have high activity. For simple structure and Iow cost, they are widely used for iron and steel, and chemical industries to calcine high quality active lime, using blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and coal dust to raise lime quality and save energy.This kind lime kiln has been registered, gained the national patent and to be used widely in large iron and steel enterprises and chemical industries throughout the whole country.I. Technical features:1. Production capacity: lOOt/d to 600t/d. Operation range is 70% to 100%. Take the 300t/d kiln as example. It can be regulated within 180t/d-300t/d range without influencing quality and consumption targets. 2. Grain size: 30mm to 60 mm; 40mm to 80mm, Scale factor 1:2. 3. Kinds of fuel: natural gas, oil, coal dust, coke oven gas, coal gas of low heat value(e.g pure blast furnace gas ) and mixed fuel of all kinds of fuel(gas and gas, gas and liquid gas and solid, liquid and solid and so on). 4. Lime: fine lime and high activity (reaching 360ml, 4N HCL Ten minutes). The ratio of lime stone under-firing and over-baking is 3%-6%. 5. Low heat wastage: they can make full use of heat energy. Fuel gas will be preheated by primary air passing. Cooled lime is preheated as secondary air passes. Fuel is burned completely and fuel heat is utilized fully. Ratio of heat consumes is 800-900kal/kg. 6. High work ratio: they can operate continuously for 48 to 50 weeks each year. 7. Calcination way: use our new technology, three-way pressure system to reduce lime raw burned rate and raise lime activity.    II. Structure features and process instruction:1. The kiln body is rectangular or cylindrical. There are double-deck burner girders in the kiln body with periphery burners in the middle of the kiln body. Waste gas drawing out girder is set on the kiln top. The kiln is divided into five parts: material storage zone, preheated zone, calcining zone, posterior calcining zone, cooling zone.◆ The part between the waste gas drawing-out girder and the kiln crown is storage zone, used for storing adequate lime stone in order not to stop producing when the kiln crownfeed device needs short-term maintenance.◆ The part between the waste gas drawing out device and the upper burner girder is the preheating zone to preheat lime stone.◆ The part between the upper burner girder and the lower girder is the calcining zone, where lime stone is calcined into fine lime. Its height can be regulated according to requirement of quality or lime stone physical property.◆ The part between the lower burner girder and lower gas drawing-out girder is the posterior calcining zone The lime that was calcined will gain the even and refine quality and raise the activity, when through this zone that has the high temperature and no pressure.◆ The part between the lower gas drawing-out girder and the lime output is cooling zone; cooling air enters the kiln from the bottom of the cooling zone, cools lime stone to75℃, then goes out of the kiln. Heated secondary air comes into calcining zone to help burning.    2. Tow-girder burning device is central part of the kiln. Some fuel (such as gas. liquid and solid) feed pipes are placed into the girder burner mixes fuel with the combustion air evenly. The quantity and the area of burners on the level are the same. This makes the kiln section temperature distributed evenly to cut down raw-burner rate.In order to protect the burner girder to work at high temperature in the calcining zone, medium (water or heat oil) enters the burner girder sandwich and circulates to cool.Medium (water or heat oil) passes the cooler to reduce temperature and is circulated. Primary air preheated by waste air, passes the burner girder and enters the kiln Heat energy is made full use of. The kiln Js equipped with alarm device to ensure the burner girder works safely when medium (water or heat oil) temperature rises above certain temperature.The auxiliary pump makes sure medium (water or heat oil) can keep circulating.  3. Gas extracting girder is on the kiln top The quantity of girders is decided by the kiln size. There are many evenly-distributed opens downside of the gas extracting girder. Kiln gas is extracted by the gas extracting girder through the opens to ensure negative pressure of the kiln section is evenly distributed.4. The kiln has dual-pressure system. The small blower blows secondary air to enter the cooling zone to cool line evenly. It makes the part under the calcining zone to keep positive pressure. Dual-pressure system controls the quantity of primary air and secondary air more precisely than holistic negative pressure system. Waste air on the kiln top is extracted by the run-off regulative device to keep negative in the zones above the calcining zone and make heat temperature evenly on the kiln section. The regulating range of air volume is 10%-100%. Regulating burning air volume makes the kiln working under the best operating condition, saves energy and cuts down production cost.  III. Process of Two-girder-type active lime kilns