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Furnace gas purification isa recently developed technology of purification along with the rise of calcium carbide industry. At present, furnace gas purification generally means airtight calcium carbide furnace gas purification. Calcium carbide furnace gas of complex composition, small granularity and low specific gravity is usually of high temperature and possess stickiness, therefore it is hard to carry our purification treatment on calcium carbide furnace gas. Furnace gas purification is a technology with dust removal, cooling and decoking of furnace gas under one roof. Xinhua furnace gas purification system is reliable with compact layout, and render good purification result.

Furnace gas purification is divided into the first furnace gas purification and the second furnace gas purification.

1the first furnace gas purification technology

   The furnace gas in calcium carbide furnace goes through the preliminary cooling at the outlet of the furnace and then firstly goes into settlement precipitator, in which furnace gas contacts settlement plate for removing a majority of dust in the furnace gas. After that, along tangential directions, the furnace gas enters into two stage cyclone dust extractor , in which the furnace gas spirals up , getting rid of dust in furnace gas through centrifugal force. Inside the cyclone dust extractor, there are interlayers with air in it setting in external wall cylinder body and heart tube respectively. Those interlayers facilitate the air flow to cool the furnace gas. Level 1 pressure machine needs to be used to pressurize the furnace gas and parallels it into 3 bag-type dust collectors in which tiny dust and part of tar are removed before the furnace gas is charged into main pipe. Through level 2 pressure machine, pressure is further increased, finally the furnace gas is sent to gas points.

   technical parameter

furnace gas temperature220-280

tar dust content100mg/m3

the second furnace gas purification

After going through the first furnace gas purification (with the pressure of 11-15kpa), the furnace gas is sent to the washing tower for post processing unit. After going through cooling, dust removal and decoking, the furnace gas is sent to gasometer for damping. Finally it is sent to coal gas pressure machine.

technical parameter

furnace gas temperature30-45

tar dust content20 -30mg/m3

一次净化 二次净化