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Advantages of an Annular Shaft Kiln are lower thermal loss, higher activity of lime, simpler structure and greater fuel adaptability compared with a traditional lime kiln. Lumpy materials such as limestone are going to be calcined and sintered in the annular space with uniformity of air flow distribution There are no cooling units in the kiln, fault rate therefore could be fairly Iow and easy to maintain. The Annular Shaft Kilns are widely applied in iron industry to manufacture high quality lime with coke-oven gas or in chemical industry with calcium carbide furnace gas as its fuel.

Technica Fetures:

1. Production Capacity: 150t/d, 300t/d, 500t/d, 600t/d four diferent standards of annularshaft kilns can be designed and manufactured by XinHua. Production capacity can be
regulated within a certain limits without compromising quality and consumption rates.
2. Grain Size: 20-100mm, scale factor 1:3
3. Fuel type: natural gas, coke oven gas, calcium carbide furnace gas, oil.
4. Lime: with up to 1.5% C02 remains(24 hours average value), activity is greater than 360ml(4N, HCL method 10 mins).
5. Thermal loss: with the maximum limits use of thermal energy, abstracted heat air from cooling lime and inner shaft and partially exhaust gas generated from combustion are
transferred into calcining zone by an ejector. Under normal situations, the thermal loss can becontrolled within 930kcal/kg.
6. OperabBty: 48 weeks consecutively.
7. Methods of calcining: a combined method of countercurrent and cocurrent calcining can prevent lime from overburning, ensure that the lime is fully decomposed and dramatically
improve the activity of lime.

Annular Shaft Kilns

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