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Double shaft kiln is also called as PFR kiln(double shaft parallel flow regenerative lime kiln ). Xinhua double shaft kiln possesses the unique advantages of very low energy consumption and uniform calcination of lime. To realize the above functions, Xinhua double shaft kiln is of special external shape and unique production process.

1the illustration about Xinhua double shaft kiln

Xinhua double shaft kiln possesses two shafts loaded with limestone and there are connection channels in the junction area of cooling zone and calcination zone of each shaft.

Double shaft kiln alternately durings the two cycle period and illustrate the preheating zone, calcination zone and cooling zone.

In the cycle period 1, combustion air enters into the top of shaft 1 and gets mixed with fuel in calcination zone, then they flow downwards to the channel and are discharged from the top of shaft 2.

Cooling air enters into the bottom of each shaft and unites with the air flow for combusting coal gas, then be discharged from shaft 2. In the cycle period 2, combustion air and fuel enter into shaft 2, then flow downward to channel and be discharged from shaft 1.

2Process Principle

   Double shaft kiln shows that combustion usually occurs in the process that combustion air and fuel are flowing downwards. Inside the kiln, limestone also moves downwards and this is called ‘parallel flow’, which is the one of the two characters possessed by this kiln type. In the tail end of calcination zone where the temperature is relatively low, uniform light calcination condition is obtained so that limestone calcination is completed.

The second character of Xinhua double shaft kiln is the regenerative process which occurs in preheating zone in which limestone becomes a huge exchanger to assimilate heat from off-gas so that the temperature of coal gas is lowered substantially. In the next cycle period, some heat is released to indrawn combustion air and enable the combustion air to reach combustion temperature before contacting the fuel. This process is highly effective because the heat of off gas can be fully utilized and to a large extent, this is the reason why Xinhua double shaft kiln possesses so high thermal efficiency.