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  • Product: Model LZ-201 Automatic Lime Activity Testing Instrument By HCl Titration

Automatic Lime Rectivity Testing Instrument

Description: Model LZ-201 Automatic Lime Activity Testing Instrument By HCl Titration

Leader in lime reactivity testing.

Your first choice in lime quality control.

Pioneer in automatic lime reactivity measurement, domestic or foreign.

Pioneer in applying DSP technology of collection,processing and control to lime performance assessment.

Exceedingly meets the requirement of the current common standard: YB/T105-2005. A tolerance of 4% in test result accuracy is allowed by the common standard while our automatic tester achieves a level of 0.5%.

Technical Specifications:

1.Temperature control precision: ±0.3℃.

2.pH detection precision: 0.01 in pH.

3.Stirrer rotation speed: 0~600 Rpm, adjustable.

4.Titration controller precision: 0.01ml.

5.Titration repeatability: <1ml.

6.Rated voltage: 220V±5% 50Hz±5%.

7.Working Temperature: -20℃~50℃.


Instrument Function:

1. Full-automation, high efficiency, high precision, high repeatability.

2. Control interface is easy to understand and use.

3.Man-machine interface of touch screen design is convenient and flexible.

4. Ease of use and versatile vacuum thermal insulation system.

5. Initial water temperature can be set for different testing requirement.

6.Graph of the testing is generated automatically and displayed for direct visual observation of the HCl consumption.

7. Full digitalization of data collection, analysis, processing and display.

8. Test data autosave and instant retrieval for subsequent examination.

9. Data export function for convenient data backup.

10.Effectively prevent mistake and uncertainty due to operator’s human error.