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Stay away from and resist all kinds of illegal securities activities to protect the safety of personal and family property

Stay away from and resist all kinds of illegal securities activities to protect the safety of personal and family property

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Stay away from and resist all kinds of illegal securities activities to protect the safety of personal and family property

(Summary description)

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The Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau solemnly reminds the general public and investors:
    Stay away from and resist various illegal securities activities   Protect personal and family property safety
    Illegal securities activities mainly refer to unauthorized public or disguised public issuance of stocks and illegal operations of securities business without approval.
Main types of illegal securities activities:
◆Unauthorized public offering of stocks
◆Disguised public offering of stocks
◆Illegal operation of securities business
    Illegal securities activities are a typical stakeholder type of illegal and criminal activities, which seriously interferes with the normal economic and financial order and undermines social harmony and< span style="font-size: 12pt;">stable, and cause serious damage to the people’s property!
The main forms of illegal securities activities:
◆Making up false information such as the company's upcoming listing or stock issuance approved by government departments to trick the public into buying the so-called "original shares".
◆Illegal intermediary agencies, in the name of “investment consulting agencies”, “property brokerage companies”, “foreign capital companies or investment companies' representative offices in China,” Agent trading of unlisted company stocks.
◆The criminals defraud the masses of money by using high returns as bait in the name of securities investment.
Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau reminds you:
    When participating in securities and futures investment activities, you must choose a legal securities and futures business institution, you must avoid investment activities that you are unfamiliar with and exceed your risk tolerance, and must completely eliminate the "pie in the sky", The illusion of “getting rich overnight” is to be wary of illegal securities and futures activities carried out by illegal institutions and individuals in the name of so-called “original stocks”, “dark horse stocks”, promises of high returns, and no loss of profits. Invest, consciously stay away from and resist all kinds of illegal securities activities, beware of being deceived, and protect yourself and your family's property safety.
For institutions and individuals engaged in securities and futures trading, investment consulting and other services, please visit the websites of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Industry Association, the China Futures Association and the Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau to inquire whether they are qualified for securities and futures business. Stay away from illegal securities and futures activities and beware of being deceived.
    At present, the futures trading venues approved by the state include Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange. The state expressly stipulates that no unit shall conduct standardized contract transactions through centralized bidding, electronic matching, anonymous transactions, market makers, and other centralized trading methods except for places approved by the state to engage in futures trading. Please keep your eyes open, recognize illegal futures activities, and don't be fooled!
    Recognize the face of illegal fundraising    consciously stay away from and resist illegal fundraising
★ What is illegal fundraising
   Illegal fund-raising refers to legal persons, other organizations or individuals, without the approval of the competent authority, to raise funds from the public.
★ Main features of illegal fundraising
    1. Absorb funds without the legal approval of relevant departments or borrowing the form of legal operation; 2. Publicity to the public through media, promotion meetings, flyers, mobile phone text messages, etc.; 3. Commitment to use currency, Repayment of principal and interest or payment in return in kind, equity, etc.; 4. Absorb funds from unspecified social objects.
★Common means of illegal fundraising
    1. Commitment to high returns. In order to attract the masses, lawbreakers are often deceived by profiteering and lure investors to promise high returns. In the initial stage of illegal fund-raising, the promised principal and interest are often fulfilled on time and in full. After the fund-raising reaches a certain scale, the fund is secretly transferred or absconded with the fund, causing the fund-raising participants to suffer economic losses.
    2. Fabricate false items. Under the banner of responding to national industrial policies, most lawbreakers fabricate false projects under the guise of entering into contracts, promise high fixed income, and defraud the public for investment. Some criminals deliberately confuse the concept of investment and financial management under the guise of entrusted financial management, use new terms such as electronic gold, investment funds, online foreign exchange speculation, and e-commerce to confuse the public, promise stable high returns, and deceive the public.
    3. Use false propaganda to create momentum. In order to defraud the trust of the public, lawbreakers often spend huge sums of money in publicity. They employ celebrity endorsements, publish exclusive interviews in famous newspapers, hire people to widely distribute leaflets, and make social donations to create false voices and defraud the public from investing. Some criminals use virtual network space to set up websites in other places or rent overseas servers to set up websites. Some also spread false information through websites, blogs, forums and other network platforms and instant messaging tools such as QQ and MSN to defraud the public for investment. Once investigated, he quickly closed the website and absconded with the money.
    4. Use family affection to lure. Criminals often use relatives, friends, fellow villagers and other relationships to lure the public to participate in investment with high returns. Some people involved in MLM, under the mental brainwashing of MLM organization or personal compulsion, in order to complete or increase their own performance, they use family affection and geographical relationship to attract relatives, friends, classmates or neighbors to join, so that the participants spread rapidly and the scale of fund-raising continues to expand.
★How to identify and prevent illegal fund-raising activities?
    First, we must clearly recognize the nature and harm of illegal fund-raising, improve identification capabilities, and consciously resist all temptations. Calmly analyze the investment projects of "high returns" and "get rich quickly" to avoid being deceived.
    Second, it is necessary to correctly identify illegal fund-raising activities, which mainly depends on whether the subject’s qualifications are legal and whether the fund-raising activities they engage in are approved; whether they are raising funds from unspecified social objects; whether they promise to return, illegal fund-raising activities generally have The characteristics of promising a certain percentage of fund-raising returns; whether to cover up the nature of its illegal fund-raising in a legal form.
    Third, we must enhance the awareness of rational investment. High returns are often accompanied by high risks, and irregular economic activities are even more risky. Therefore, — must enhance the sense of rational investment and protect their rights and interests in accordance with the law.
    Fourth, we must increase the awareness of participating in illegal fund-raising risks. Illegal fundraising is illegal, and the funds invested by participants in illegal fundraising and related interests are not protected by law. Therefore, when some units or individuals sell high-interest deposits, stocks, bonds, funds, and development projects with high investment returns, they must carefully identify and invest carefully.

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