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Reject the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fundraising

Reject the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fundraising

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(Summary description)Reject the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fundraising

Reject the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fundraising

(Summary description)Reject the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fundraising

  • Categories:News Center
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  • Time of issue:2018-08-16 00:00
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Reject the temptation of high profits  Stay away from illegal fundraising span>


I. Characteristics of illegal fund-raising

(1) Absorbing funds without the approval of relevant departments or borrowing legal operations;

(2) Publicize to the public through media, promotion meetings, flyers, mobile phone text messages, etc.;

(3) Commitment to repay the principal and interest or pay in return within a certain period of time in currency, in kind, equity, etc.;

(4) Absorb funds from the general public, that is, unspecified objects in society.

2. Common methods of illegal fundraising
 (1) Commitment to high returns

In order to attract the masses, lawbreakers often fabricate the myths of "pies falling in the sky" and "becoming rich overnight" and lure investors with huge profits to promise high returns. In order to defraud more people to participate in fundraising, illegal fundraisers often fulfill their promised principal and interest in full and on time in the initial stage of fundraising. After the fundraising reaches a certain scale, they secretly transfer funds or abscond with funds, causing fund-raising participants to suffer economic losses.
    (2) Fabricating false items

Most lawbreakers register legal companies or enterprises, respond to national industrial policies, support the construction of new rural areas, and practice "economic theory" and other banners. Business projects have developed from traditional planting and breeding industries to high-tech development and fund-raising. Building houses, investing in shares, selling and renting back, etc., under the guise of signing contracts, fabricated false projects, promised high fixed income, and defrauded the public to invest. Some criminals deliberately confuse the concept of investment and financial management under the guise of entrusted financial management, use new terms such as electronic gold, investment funds, online foreign exchange speculation, and e-commerce to confuse the public, promise stable high returns, and deceive the public to invest.
    (3) Use false propaganda to create momentum

In order to defraud the public’s trust, lawbreakers often spend huge sums of money in publicity, employing celebrity endorsements, publishing interview articles in famous newspapers, hiring people to widely distribute leaflets, making social donations, etc., intensify publicity efforts and create false voices. To defraud the public to invest. Some criminals use virtual network space to set up websites in other places or rent overseas servers to set up websites. Some also spread false information through websites, blogs, forums and other network platforms and instant messaging tools such as QQ and MSN to defraud the public for investment. Once investigated, they quickly shut down the website and absconded with money in the name of not following the rules.
    (4) Use family affection to lure

Criminals often use relatives, friends, fellow villagers and other relationships to lure the public to participate in investment with high returns. Some people involved in MLM, under the mental brainwashing of MLM organization or personal compulsion, in order to complete or increase their own performance, they use family affection and geographical relationship to attract relatives, friends, classmates or neighbors to join, so that the participants spread rapidly and the scale of fund-raising continues to expand.

Three, the main manifestations of illegal fund-raising

(1) Illegal fundraising in the name of planting, breeding, project development, manor development, ecological and environmental protection investment, etc.;

(2) Illegal fund-raising in the name of issuing or disguised issuance of stocks, bonds, lottery tickets, investment funds, etc., or in the name of futures trading or pawn;

(3) Illegal fund-raising by claiming shares and participating in dividends;

(4) Illegal fund-raising through member cards, membership cards, seat cards, discount cards, consumer cards, etc.;

(5) Illegal fund-raising by means of commodity sales and leaseback, repurchase and transfer, membership development, merchant joining, and "quick points method";

(6) Using non-governmental organizations such as "clubs" and "communities" or underground banks to raise funds illegally;

(7) "Virtual" products constructed by modern electronic network technology, such as "electronic shops", "electronic department stores", investment commissioned operations, repurchases at maturity, and other methods for illegal fund-raising;

(8) Divide property, real estate and other assets into equal parts, and illegally raise funds by selling the disposal rights of their shares;

(9) Illegal fund-raising in the form of signing commodity distribution contracts.

Four. How to identify and prevent illegal fund-raising?

(1) It is necessary to clearly recognize the nature and harm of illegal fund-raising, improve identification capabilities, and consciously resist all temptations. Believe in “ No pie in the sky”, yes“high return "Get rich quick" investment projects are calmly analyzed to avoid being deceived.
(2) Combining the basic characteristics of illegal fund-raising, it mainly depends on whether the subject’s qualifications are legal and whether the fund-raising activity it engages in has obtained relevant approvals; whether it promises to return, illegal fund-raising behavior generally has the characteristic of promising a certain percentage of fund-raising return.
(3) It is necessary to enhance the awareness of rational investment. High investment is often accompanied by high risks. Irregular economic activities even contain this huge risk.
(4) It is necessary to increase the awareness of participating in illegal fund-raising risks. Illegal fund-raising is illegal, and the funds invested by participants in illegal fund-raising and related interests are not protected by law. Be careful to identify and invest carefully.

Reject the temptation of high profits, stay away from illegal fundraising, and protect your own property. Start with you and me!


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